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After the abundance of food, we had over the holidays, I stumbled over a recipe that immediately caught my attention and I believe is worth sharing. The use of vegetables in sweets has become a healthy trend lately, and I have heard of beetroot, carrot, courgette being some of the ingredients in various sweet recipes – but the use spinach came as a surprise to me.

In any case the Chef in disguise blog is absolutely worth having a look at. Have a look at the following recipe for the Chocolate brownies with spinach and carrots. 



Healthy chocolate brownies

Please make sure to follow the instructions and leave to stand overnight before serving.


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    Sawsan@chef in disguise


    Thank you kindly for the shout out and for linking back to my blog 🙂
    I deeply appreciate it


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      Loved your blog! A lot of inspiring recipes – some of which I have already tried and happy to be able to share with others.


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