Over the years, baking and making various cakes and sweets became a passion of mine. Some recipes are old and traditional and have been passed on from my grand-mother to my mother and me, some are new. Some recipes are more difficult and require a bit more skills to make than others, but they are all equally decadent and tasty.

Lately, we are all trying to live more healthy lives, as the stress of everyday life is taking a toll on our overall body condition. Awareness and concern over our health became the center of our attention, hence, our diet has become a primary issue nowadays. Unfortunately, there are no guilt free desserts. But when you think about it, there are no guilt free pleasure either. Occasionally, treat yourself with the real thing and enjoy. For our satisfaction, the pleasure of satisfying our taste buds with a decadent cake does count too. Once every now and then when you really want to please yourself and others, or celebrate some important days in your life – Go for the real thing! Depriving ourselves from everything is not always beneficial. Do not feel guilty – just do it and do it right.

Once you do decide to bake choose the recipe you like. It really is hyperbole to call any recipe the best — and yet we still quest after that recipe that will make us go yes! that was amazing! Here are some of my favorite recipes that I have tried and tested, and am happy to use for special occasions in my family. Consider them as suggestions, starting ideas. You need to find yours and once you do, no one will make these delicious sweets better than yourself. Secret ingredients – love and passion for baking things you like. They do make the difference.

If you decide to give it a go – let me know how it all turned out!

Hope you enjoy the recipes. Happy baking!

Your Sweet Corner Studio



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